You have entered the realm of the "Clan of N.O." It's members consist of a few co-workers/ family members/ and friends. This server is running the Sniper mod, Xtreme x4 r5 mod . All files are available via the "Game Files" tab for pre downloading. Or auto-downloading while in game.




The Clan Needs some new excitement.  If you find a new map or mod you think is fun, go ahead and mention it to us.

We are always looking for new files to keep the killing fields fresh.

3/28/13   New screen shots

BF2 is going to the AIX mod.... slowly but surely

The Snipers are Back in action

due to Popular demand Battlefield 2 Has arrived!! Check it out everyone.

Auto NOOB TUBE is Here

NEW Screen Shots!!!! 12/11/11

Check this out you'll need to translate (unless you read French)

Currently working on: NO SNIPER SWAY for open warfare, getting punkbuster screenshots working again, and the new forums

The Open Warfare mod v 1.4 is here.. Needs a lot of tweaking. go to the forums and voice your opinion.

We are currently working on a new MOD. The concept behind it is to be a versatile mod. We plan to incorporate key features of the x4 mod and the sniper mod, and bring them together. Making it versatile means we want it to be able to change and fit our killing needs at any moment. If we want a sniper map, then the mod will essentially become a custom fit sniper mod. If we want a Tactical mod, then it will change.

Some new features that were mentioned were the Automatic pistol, Aim down site shooting (shooting from hip does less or no damage) Sniper trails on sniper bullets (from the K3 mod) No Prone/Bunny hop (punishments will be issued or your gun taken away) Proximity sensors that when an enemy is near will sound off an alarm giving away his position (theory of this is meant to not have a ton of deadly claymores around every corner) Enhanced ranking system based on: total points, Kill to death ratio, and killing effectiveness (this will auto balance the teams according to skill)

Some of the things that have been brainstormed is customizing the tactical portion of the map. With this we were thinking of having each player having a specific role to play. They are as follows:

Medic - the medic will have the responsibility of keeping his team alive, laying down cover fire, throwing smoke, and etc. The medic will be harder to kill but at the same time will not be able to clear a room with the spray of his weapon. His weapon will be dumbed down in power. He will be packed to the brim with Hello Kitty band-aids to cure all your spoils of war.

Grenader - The key feature will be to lead the pack and try to blow a hole in the defense. Or keep the opposing team from coming across the 50 yard line. He will be deadly but not a very fast mover due to the weight of all his artillery. His Primary weapon will be the "anticipated and most iconic" AutoMatic Grenade launcher of doom!!!

Sniper - The role of the sniper will guessed it.. Snipe. Bolt action only, but a little faster than stock with re-loading and bringing up scope. His other duties or features if you will, will be to set up claymores or proximity sensors. He will be able to run faster than the average player to escape torture.

Assault - Automatic weapon and grenades. We are taking suggestions.

Demolitions - Shotgun and flash bangs. All the key elements to storm into a castle to save the Princess. The range of the shotgun will probably be a little further as well.

and much more to write about for now.....

N00bers launched the Hide map!!!! Very fun

Many New Maps to choose from

PAINTBALL is here!!!!!!

The Xtreme mod has been a BIG hit!! Hold the Flag and Sab seem to be the game types of choice.

New member m0nk3y has joined the Server. New Member (N.O)RotoRudy has just received his name!

(N.O)N00b3rs is currently working on another map.